Our bedlinen stays fresh and clean.


We treat our products with Polygiene - a Bluesign® approved a treatment that contains recycled silver chloride, which is naturally present in soil and water - and in this case old electronics and industrial silver waste.
But why silver? Polygiene technology reduces bacteria and has been used for many centuries. Even NASA use it! Since your bedlinen stays fresh you do not have to wash it as often, and it brings down the environmental footprint of the product. Even though washing your bed linen does not sound harmful, recent research shows that 2/3 of the products environmental impact happens in the consumer period. 



We only use 100% organic cotton, because we care about our nature. This means that the cotton is grown without any toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals that can have a negative effect on the plant or the earth it is grown in. Growing organic cotton therefor promotes keeping the ecosystem in balance and conserves the biodiversity in the area that is is farmed. 




In search of finding the best places to deal with textiles in a sustainable and fair way, we were led to Guimaraes in Portugal. Guimaraes is a mecca for textile production and is famous for its incredible knowledge in producing the best fabrics. By combining our ideas and their knowledge we create products that are functional and of high-quality! 
It is important that the factories we use have a sustainable mindset, and that they treat their workers like human beings. To make sure everything is as promised regular visits are scheduled each year.