Creators of Dawn Designs

It all started in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark. Even though it still has a very local and cozy vibe and is known for its strong cultural sense and engagement in sustainability. The city has great biodiversity. It borders to the North Sea and people can either enjoy the ocean breeze on the beach or out on the sea doing watersports, and if you are more into having ground under your feet, there's a lot forest and hills you can walk or run in.

Dawn Designs creators

The foundation of Dawn Designs happened in Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, where the founders Rasmus, Tjelle, and Thomas met each other with the urge to create something functional and sustainable that can help people in their everyday life. Each idea needs a brainstorm, so we sat down going through our own daily routines and schedules. The first thing we do in the day is wake up in our bed and... The brainstorm had to stop right there in our bed.

The place where we rest our body and mind is actually a great problem, where bacteria, mites, and even swamps thrive. Actually, there are more bacteria in your bed linen that on a toilet seat, which is why dermatologist recommend washing your bedlinen every 14th day. This does not sound that hard - but how many of us actually do it? We did not - and now we wanted to change it! We wanted to make the bed the sanctuary it needs to be, and we wanted to do it in a sustainable way.

We contacted experts to find a way to keep the bed linen fresh and clean, and after some time we stumbled upon the ancient way of using silver with its antibacterial abilities. After researching ways of using the silver, we came across the Polygiene® treatment using recycled silver chloride, and we knew this was the path to go. Now we only needed a place to produce our bed linen in high-quality organic cotton, and since Rasmus has worked in Portugal for 1 year he could tell us about their great experience with textiles. After establishing contact with a production that could fulfill our demands and requirements, we could begin the process in combining our ideas and visions with their experience.